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Associate Professor Ts. Dr. Wong Kung Teck (Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Tanjong Malim, Malaysia.)

Kung-Teck, Wong has completed his Ph.D. from Malaysia and Post-Doctoral at University of South Australia, Australia (UniSA) (Educational Technology in Early Childhood Education). He has published extensively international journals and serves as reviewer of several local and ISI and SCOPUS indexed journals. Wong is interested in Technology transfer in Early Childhood Education, Instructional Design (psychological influences on technology acceptance and adoption) Wong also applies the application of SPSS and AMOS -structural equation modelling in his writing articles and research.

Research Interests: Educational Technology in Early Childhood Education; E-Technology; M-Learning among young learners.

Memberships, editorial boards: Malaysian Board of Technologist (MBOT)

List of Research Grants (recent 5 years):

Selected Recent Publications (recent 5 years):

Field: Educational Technology in Early Childhood Education

Associate Professor Dr Shahrul Kadri Ayop ( Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Tanjong Malim, Malaysia.)

Shahrul Kadri Ayop earned his first degree in industrial physics at the Malaysia University of Technology in 2002, his master’s degree in physics at the Leipzig University (Germany) 2005 and his doctorate in the field of Electronics for Informatics at Hokkaido University (Japan) in 2011. He is currently an associate professor of physics at Sultan Idris Education University (UPSI). His current research interest is optical trapping and manipulation as well as physics education.

Research Interests: Applied Optics, Physics Education

Memberships, editorial boards:

  1. Member: Optical Society of America (OSA) #975827
  2. Member: Persatuan Penterjemah Malaysia (PPM). Malaysian Association of Translators #1366 Since January 2014
  3. Member: Institut Fizik Malaysia, Malaysia Institute of Physics #1208 since 2005
  4. Member: International Liquid Crystal Society (ILCS) # ILCS_13008 since Jun 2018

List of Research Grants (recent 5 years):

  1. Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), Ministry of Education (MOHE) Photo-induced Interaction on Calixarene Thin Film Toward the Formation of Supramolecular Assemblies by Laser Trapping Technique 15/8/2017~14/8/2020: RM99,655.00 2017-0076-101-02 Shahrul Kadri Ayop, Faridah Lisa Supian, Yusnita Juahir (FRGS/1/2017/STG02/UPSI/02/1) 2017-0076-101-02
  2. UPSI University Research Grant (GPU), Pembangunan Modul Pembelajaran Kendiri Berasaskan Perisian Tracker Menggunakan Pendekatan Inkuiri Terbimbing Bagi Topik Kinematik 1/12/2017~30/11/2018 RM 8,375 Shahrul Kadri Ayop & Ahmad Tarmimi Ismail (2017-0233-107-01)
  3. Research Acculturation Collaboration Scheme (RACE), Ministry of Education (MOHE) Microrheological Study of Nanocelullose Solution Using Optically Trapped Single Microparticle February 2015 ~ : RM50,000 [Shahrul Kadri Ayop (Leader), Yusof Munajat (Mentor), Rosazley Ramly, Izan Roshawaty Mustafa UPSI Code: 2015-0017-102-62
  4. Microgravity Science Research Innovation, National Space Agency (ANGKASA) Formation of Sound Resonance Profile in Tube: Comparison on Earth and Microgravity 1 August 2013 ~ 31 July 2015 : RM19,050.00 [Shahrul Kadri (Leader), Rosly Jaafar, Mohd Ikhwan Hadi Yaacob] UPSI Code: 2013-0172-102-03
  5. Research Acculturation Grant Scheme (RAGS), Ministry of Education (MOHE) Viscoelasticity Exploration of Nanocelullose Solution Using Optical Tweezers 1 January 2013 ~ 30 June 2015: RM72,800 [Shahrul Kadri (Leader), Mohd Faudzi Umar, Mohd Ikhwan Hadi Yaacob] UPSI Code: 2013-0003-102-72

Selected Recent Publications (recent 5 years):

  1. Ayop, S. K. (2017). Analyzing Impulse Using iPhone and Tracker. The Physics Teacher, 55(8), 480–481.
  2. Hamid, M. Y., & Ayop, S. K. (2018). LabVIEW-Based Software for Optical Stiffness Determination Using Boltzmann Statistics, Equipartition Theorem and Power Spectral Density Methods. Advanced Science Letters, 4(2), 400–407.
  3. Ab Ghani, M. A., & Ayop, S. K. (2018). Validity and Reliability of Conceptual Survey in Electricity and Magnetism (CSEM) Instrument in Malay. International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences, 8(7), 595-606.
  4. Mat Daud, A. N., Jaafar, R., Ayop, S. K., & Rohani, M. S. (2018). A computerized system based on alternative pulse echo immersion technique for acoustic characterization of non-porous solid tissue mimicking materials. Measurement Science and Technology.
  5. Yeng, M. S. M., Ayop, S. K., & Hamid, M. Y. (2017). The Determination of Laser Spot Size of an Optical Tweezers by Stuck Bead Method. Journal of Science and Technology, 9(3).

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Field: Applied Optics