Penyelidik ECCE

Dr. Connie Shin @ Connie Cassy Ompok (Faculti Psikologi dan Pendidikan, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia)

Dr. Connie Shin @ Connie Cassy Ompok is a senior lecturer in Early Childhood Education at the Faculty of Psychology and Education, Universiti Malaysia Sabah. She completed her Phd Curriculum and Instruction (Early Childhood Education) and her area of expertise is early childhood education.

Research Interest: Preschool Education

Memberships, editorial boards:

  1. EECERA SIG MATHEMATICS 2014 sehingga kini. European Early Childhood Education Research Association. ( EECERA Board of Trustees - Special Interest Group on Mathematics Birth to Eight Years
  2. Majlis Pendidikan Awal Kanak-kanak Malaysia (Rujukan MR. Cheah, Timbalan Presiden, Majlis Pendidikan Awal Kanak-kanak Malaysia) 2015 sehingga kini.
  3. NAEYC. 2012. National Association for the Education of Young Children

List of Research Grants (recent 5 years):

  1. Ahli penyelidik bersekutu dengan Universiti Sains Malaysia. Rujukan : Prof. Dr. Anna Christina Abdullah. USM No. Pendaftaran geran 1001/PGURU/816253. Status projek dilanjutkan sehingga 30/06/2017. Projek bermula pada 31/12/14.i

Selected Recent Publications (recent 5 years):

  1. Connie Cassy Ompok, Vincent Pang, Ho Chong Mun, Chin Kin Eng. 2016. Tempoh berada di prasekolah dan pencapaian awal Matematik. International Academic Research Journal of Social Science. 2(1) :

  2. Connie Cassy Ompok. 2016. Jenis prasekolah dan pencapaian awal Matematik. IAR Journal of Social Science. 2 (2):2 4 - 3 0.

  3. Connie Cassy Ompok, Jusiah Idang, Jamaluddin Abidin. 2016. Introducing fair sharing through the use of game, number book and worksheet. Seminar Psikologi Kebangsaan III 2016. Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

  4. Connie Cassy Ompok, Vincent Pang, Ho Chong Mun. 2016. Jantina dan pencapaian awal Matematik. UMS Education Conference. 2016.

  5. Connie Cassy Ompok dan Afinah binti A.D Matsud. 2016. Kefahaman konservasi kanak-kanak pada peringkat praoperasi.

  6. Mei Teng Ling, Vincent Pang, Connie Cassy Ompok. 2017. Measuring change in early mathematics ability of children who learn using games : Applying rasch measurement racking and stacking. Springer link.

Link to CV: null

Field: Early Childhood Education

Professor Madya Dr Tan Wee Hoe (Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Tanjong Malim. Perak, Malaysia)

Dr Wee Hoe Tan is an Associate Professor at Sultan Idris Education University in Malaysia and the Vice Chair of Serious Games Asia Society based in Singapore. Formally a 3D animator, he joined academia in mid-2004 to teach and develop multimedia courses in Kuala Lumpur University. In 2007, he pursued a PhD at the University of Warwick, UK. Towards the end of his doctoral study, he began working as a consultant in the game industry. He was involved in the game coaching system design of the FPS Trainer project in Dundee, and the game-based learning system design of the KNeoWORLD Project in San Francisco, while promoting game-based learning in Southeast Asia through the Serious Games Asia Society.

In 2017, Wee Hoe joined the Game Lab at the Singapore University of Technology and Design as a Visiting Faculty. He later won the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship award, making him a Humphrey Fellow in the College of Education, Pennsylvania State University and a Visiting Research Scientist at the Play2Prevent Lab in the Yale University.

Research Interest: Game-based learning, Gamification, Game Design, Creative Multimedia

Memberships, editorial boards: 

  1. Vice Chair, Serious Games Association, Singapore
  2. Google Certified Educator (Level 2)
  3. ITBM Certified Translator
  4. Certified Level 3 TRIZ Practitioner, MyTRIZ & MATRIZ
  5. FY2017/2018 Humphrey Fellow, IIE, USA
  6. Associate Editor, International Journal of Game-Based Learning & International Journal of Creative Multimedia
  7. Reviewer: IEEE Access, Computer & Education, PeerJ, International Journal of Virtual and Personal Learning
  8. Environments (IJVPLE), etc.

List of Research Grants (recent 5 years):

  1. 2018-2019: Effects of KNeoWorld Technology-based Learning among Preschool and Primary School Pupils in Malaysia: A Pilot Study (Code: 2019-0044-109-04)
  2. 2018-2019: Digital Invention Game as a Learning Tool for Young Malaysian Inventors to design products (Code: 2018-0187-107-01)
  3. 2017-2019: Kit Gamifikasi dan Latihan Penyelesaian Masalah Secara Inventif Berasaskan Permainan (Code: 2017-0085-107-32)
  4. 2017-2019: A novel algorithm for assessing fundamental creativity in product-oriented problem-solving among grassroots innovators (Code: 2017-0070-107-02)
  5. 2014-2016: Developing a prototype game for learning principles of inventive problem-solving among teenagers through field testing (Code: 2014-0038-107-32)

Selected Recent Publications (recent 5 years):

  1. Tan, W.H. (in press). Comparing Undergraduate Student Perceptions on the Characteristics of Quality Teachers and Future Teachers for Schools in Malaysia. Jurnal Pendidikan Bitara UPSI.
  2. Swaran Singh, C.; Masa Singh, T.S.; Ja’afar, H.; Tan, W.H.; Subramaniam, G.J.; & Abdullah, M.S.H.B. (2019). Developing a prototype speaking game for engineering students at polytechnic in Malaysia. Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, Special Issue, 9-17.
  3. Tan, W.H., & Boo, I. (2019). Provisional framework of multimodal evaluation. In D. Ifenthaler & Y.J. Kim (Eds.) Game-based Assessment Revisited. New York: Springer.
  4. Tan, W.H.; Ahmad Zamzuri Mohamad Ali,; & Cheong, K.K. (2019). A Mobile Puzzle Game for Learning Forty Inventive Principles of Problem Solving. In C.M. Thurnes; C. Hentschel & F. Zeihsel (Eds.) Playing TRIZ – Games and Cases for Learning and Teaching Inventiveness. Kaiserslautern: Synnovating Gmbh.
  5. Tan, W.H. (ed.)(2019). Design, Motivation, and Frameworks in Game-Based Learning. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.
  6. Tan, W.H.; Muhammad Amirrul Naim Mohmad Nasir, Muhammad Hamzy Mohd Noor Effendy; Nur Humaira Shahnul Mindano; & Tee, H.Z. (2019). Designers of War: A creative and critical thinking game for undergraduate design students. Proceedings of Penang International Invention, Innovation and Design (PIID 2019), 27 & 28 Mar, UiTM Penang Branch, Permatang Pauh, Malaysia, pp. 188-192.

Link to Curriculum Vitae (CV):


Field: Gamification